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Before working with Sarah, I felt tired, aches and pains, weakness in my back.

I'm not sure what I expected at first, I was new to chiropractic and adjustments. I did have some hesitation receiving care and feeling like I would become dependent. The amount of relief I received was better than I imagined and I always feel lighter when I leave an appointment. Sarah has also introduced other methods of chiropractic care that I wasn't aware of and it's felt like a great benefit and has been such a great learning experience!

Since getting care, I've had improvements in my neck pain, creaky knees, TMJ jaw pain, upper and lower back. I also feel more awareness, some reduced stress (mostly when I leave a session), and better sleep!

Sarah's services were the right pick for me because she's accommodating, the adjustments are appropriate and she explains thoroughly whenever I have a question or concern. She almost makes me want to study chiropractic.

10/10 recommend!

Nicole Y

I started receiving chiropractic care from Sarah when I was about 6 months postpartum. I have been so happy with the chiropractic care I have been receiving from Sarah! She is detailed in her care and always makes sure she is addressing the areas I need. She goes above and beyond and researches new ways and techniques that she can use to help me get the most out of her chiropractic care. I love the way she always explains what shes doing and how it will benefit me. She also educates me on ways I can continue my care at home. Sarah is so nice and is easy to talk to. She makes you feel like she genuinely cares and wants to help me restore my health the best she can.
Sarah also meets with my 9 month old son. It is so fun to see her work with him. She always pays special attention to his needs and I can truly see a difference in his development since we have started chiropractic care. At first I was a little worried with him receiving care with being only 10 weeks old but he has always received such great care and I am so impressed with the difference it has made in his development and over all health.

Melissa & Landon H

I am a very nervous and tense person, usually I get tense when it's time to get adjusted. But chiropractic with Sarah was different because she does everything so natural, that you feel comfortable. And most importantly my [neck and shoulder pain] improved a lot! I've had chiropractic care for over a year from other interns, and based on my experience I just wish I had Sarah from the beginning and she didn't have to switch clinics!

Irma Q

I remembered what it feels like to not have neck pain, and I will no longer put off pain/discomfort and accept the feeling as " normal ". Thank you Sarah! Something that surprised me about chiropractic care was I didn't expect to get results so quickly. I am no longer living with chronic pain / discomfort / lack of mobility and I am forever grateful for that.

Matt D

Before I worked with Sarah I had neck and lower back pain. I chose this service specifically because it addresses the whole body. I expected them just to access my bones/muscles but Sarah took a completely holistic approach which was amazing. I noticed improved posture and no lower back pain, and I felt more energy after being in care for 3 months! My favorite part of care were the lower back adjustments because I felt immediately relief.

Courtney K

My experience with Sarah was great. The techniques she used were amazing and improved my overall health. She was a pleasure to work with and helped me answer any questions or concerns which I had. My experience was astounding with Sarah thus my overall health is much better thanks to the chiropractic care I received!

Michael O

Sarah was amazing. She understood what was going on with my body outside of just the regular low back pain. Not only did she get me out of back pain, she helped me de-stress through chiropractic care. My focus was much improved after each adjustment.

Nick C

With Sarah's care, my Knee and lower back pain went away. I'm able to play volleyball without pain. I didn’t know that chiropractic care involves more than just the back.

Randy Q

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