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Yes, we perform osseous adjustments (ones that make a pop or click sound). Overall, Dr. Sarah is very gentle with the adjustments. We have many tools such as an Activator, Arthrostim, SOT blocks, and drop table that are low force techniques, if preferred.


We are different from traditional chiropractors in many ways!


What makes us "holistic" is our perspective of health and our problem-solving approach. We look at the body as a whole, and acknowledge the complex relationships between physical, chemical and emotional systems in the body. It is through this lens that we use Applied and Clinical Kinesiology to get to the root of an issue, quickly and accurately.

We believe that pain and dysfunction are symptoms, like an alarm in the body. It tells us that there is a problem, but not what it is, where it is coming from, or even how to fix it. We don't target pain, but pain relief is a side effect of restoring normal function. We are the most concerned with restoring your function and get you feeling your best.

A core principle of this practice is to address underlying patterns before making corrections. This includes clearing neurological patterns resulting from injuries, brain imbalances, and lifestyle choices. Chiropractic is just ONE of many tools that we have available for healing, and as a patient you will have the benefit of experiencing all of our modalities!

We are also different from most other chiropractors because we incorporate spiritual and energetic techniques for maximum wellness.


Applied Kinesiology (or AK) is a framework of analysis that identifies the root cause of an issue affecting mind or body.


AK uses muscle response testing to find both the problem, and the solution that your body responds best to, all in real time. Muscle testing quickly and accurately identifies whether the problem has physical, chemical, emotional or spiritual root causes. The solution is also easily identified in this way.

An understanding of muscle testing that is unique to Maverick Chiropractic & Wellness is that muscle testing is a window into the subconscious mind. It allows us to identify root causes that are otherwise overlooked by the conscious mind, and often come as somewhat of a surprise. We love AK because it helps us reconnect with ourselves, understand what is causing certain responses in the body, and how we can best mitigate these different stressors.


Chiropractic is a natural hands-on approach to optimizing nervous system function.

The re-aligment treatment of the spine is called an adjustment. Chiropractors are highly trained in detecting nerve interference, and administering safe and gentle thrusts with their hands or an instrument, to restore nerve function. There are many different adjusting techniques in chiropractic.

The main techniques that Maverick Chiropractic & Wellness uses are Diversified, Drop Table, Sacro-occipital technique, and Activator.


Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and the 24 pairs of nerves that exit the spinal cord. Your brain is the control center, and the nerves are the freeway of communication. Together, they coordinate the function of every system in the body-- breathing, digestion, heart rate, hormones, and movement, to name a few.


Your nervous system lives inside your spine, which is a column made up of 24 moveable bones. These bones can misalign for various reasons, and interfere with the nerves that are exiting in close proximity. As a result of the broken communication, the nerve is unable to pass on vital information upstream or downstream to the appropriate organs.

Traditional chiropractic focuses on re-aligning the spine. In doing so, the surrounding nerves are able to freely communicate with their target organs and the brain itself. In essence, chiropractic is removing the roadblocks that prevent the body from carrying out its innate healing and regulating functions. The body is self-healing when it is in a state of balance.


Our methods are based on Reconnective Healing (RH). RH is based on the concept of entrainment to high vibrational frequencies. These high power frequencies have been known to assist in incredible healings of physical as well as spiritual ailments. RH has been researched and supported by quantum science.


NET stands for Neuro Emotional Technique, and is a stress release technique. Our body holds onto unprocessed emotions, and stores them in various structures including organs, joints and muscles. This is a problem because, when left unchecked, stored emotions can cause physical dysfunction and are often misdiagnosed as such. Hence, many seemingly "physical" ailments do not get better with physical treatments. NET is a quick, painless way to help the brain process emotions and eliminate the associated dysfunction. It does NOT require tears or discomfort. And yes, it has been demonstrated on the TV show, Grey's Anatomy!

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